Enhance your business with the MTN Cloud Business Telephony service and upgrade your telephony communication, by achieving a concurrent decrease of operating expenses. A complete broadband fixed telephony solution by MTN Business, which covers the existing and future needs of both small and bigger companies at minimum cost.

With MTN Cloud Business Telephony you can manage your telecommunication with great flexibility and effectiveness, since it unifies all your corporate communication data. It allows you to create a virtual «telephony service» that responds to the specific needs of your business.

MTN Cloud Business Telephony stores your communication data in our up-to-date cloud application and maximizes its safety.  Thus, you gain total control, since you can easily implement configurations in real time, through our service’s -friendly to use- online web portal.

  • Compatible Telephony Devices
  • Benefits
  • Combination with Mobile Telephony
  • MTN Cloud Business Telephony supports a broad range of SIP telephony devices, from entry level devices up to executive devices with touch screens and video call capabilities. MTN collaborates with some of the world's most advanced vendors such as Polycom, Cisco, Yealink, Grandstream, Swissvoice, Panasonic and others.

    A business consultant can discuss with you, identify your needs and propose the most suitable devices that can cover your business needs.



    • unlimited scalability of users
    • real time central management and control of all connected users through our service’s online web portal
    • remote user account access via our online web portal
    • compatibility with plenty of certified IP telephone devices like Cisco, Yeahlink, Panasonic e.t.c.
    • telephone numbers’ modifications and extensions can be implemented with a simple phone call to the MTN Business Support
    • secure telephony data, stored in our cloud application and available for you to retrieve at any time i.e. calls’ history
    • optional 'Auto Attendant' service which significantly improves your customer service through a wide range of useful services
    • continuous service upgrade with free software releases and updates
    • best possible utilization of your workforce and productivity enhancement, including employees working remotely i.e. from abroad or from a different branch of your company, as well as mobile employees 


  • Combine the ΜΤΝ Cloud Business Telephony service with ΜΤΝ Unlimited Business Calls and maximize your business’s benefits, by radically decreasing your operational expenses in mobile telephony as well.

    In fact, with ΜΤΝ Unlimited Business Calls you enjoy the lowest rates in the market and additionally, your employees can make unlimited intracompany business calls (from fixed to mobile, mobile to mobile, mobile to fixed e.t.c.).

Now you can update your corporate telecommunication by choosing the most suitable MTN Cloud Business Telephony service pack according to your needs!

Standard Advanced Auto-Attendant Receptionist



Terms & Conditions 

1. The service is available only to MTN Cyprus Ltd corporate clients who have Internet access through any MTN.

2. The subscriber has to sign 24month subscription contract with MTN for MTN Cloud Business Telephony service.

3. The MTN Cloud Business Telephony service is an IP telephone fixed system where the central calling center is located at MTN’s premises. The MTN Cloud Business Telephony service is a broadband telephony solution from MTN for corporations in Cyprus.

4. Subscribers obligations: - In order for MTN to be able to offer the MTN Cloud Business Telephony services, the subscriber has to fulfil several basic requirements regarding the installation of the hardware at its premises
    - Subscribers premises must be equipped with LAN structured cabling (type CAT5e or better)
    - One dedicated RJ45 port is required per SIP telephone device at each location that a SIP telephone device will be 
    - All RJ45 ports for SIP telephone devices must be terminated at a central distribution frame inside subscriber’s
    - A 220V AC power supply is required at each SIP telephone device location
    - An L2 ethernet switch/hub is required to be present at the central distribution frame location. The L2 switch/hub
       should have enough available ports to accommodate all SIP telephone devices of the subscriber
    - Main telephone line should be present at the central distribution frame for the connection of the DSL access modem
    - In case the subscriber wants to use or purchase its own devices these have to comply with the certified SIP devices
       list which MTN will provide.

* The subscriber shall bear all costs regarding the initial installation of the MTN Cloud Business Telephony service at its premises
* The subscriber has either to buy the terminal equipment with the signing of the subscription contract or pay it through monthly installments according to the signed subscription contract. In cases the subscriber requires extra terminal equipment then it must bear all the costs.
* The subscriber shall bear any costs in case it requires any amendment and/or addition to the existing equipment.

5. MTN’s obligations:
   - MTN is obliged to proceed with the initial installation of the MTN Cloud Business Telephony service provided that the
      subscriber’s premises fulfil the above requirements.
   - To have availability of modems and all terminal equipment (SIP telephone devices) and ATA devices.
   - MTN is responsible for the maintenance of the service at its premises and not at subscriber’s premises
   - MTN has to invoice the subscriber on a monthly basis.

6. In case of termination of the subscription contract prior to its expiration date, the subscriber is obligated to return the modem to MTN or if the subscriber does not return it, it shall bear the modems cost. In addition the subscriber shall pay any invoice due for the period it was using the service.

7. In case the subscriber is paying the terminal equipment with monthly instalments and the subscription contract is terminated, the subscriber has to return the equipment to MTN or pay the amount of the remaining monthly instalments.

8. MTN is not responsible if the infrastructure of the subscriber’s premises is not regularly maintained and a problem occurs at the MTN Cloud Business Telephony service.