Unlimited Intracompany Communication starting only from €3.02!

Only ΜΤΝ Unlimited Business Calls service allows unlimited intracompany SMS & calls (from mobile to fixed, mobile to mobile, fixed to mobile e.t.c.) with a fixed monthly fee for calls starting just from €3.02/user! 

Available to all new and existing MTN Business subscribers, who additionally to the lowest rates in the market, will now be able to benefit from unlimited calls and SMS among personnel.

ΜΤΝ Unlimited Business Calls maximizes your profit in the following way. For instance, if you choose 10 of your employees to join this particular service, they will be able to exchange SMS and talk to each other without any limitations and for these calls you will only need to pay €30.2/month (€3.02/month/user x 10 users). The service is valid for the group of users (3 or more) that you predefined and it contributes to their productivity increase.

ΜΤΝ Unlimited Business Calls: Benefit from the total cost control of your business by releasing its communication.

For more information, you can call 131 (Corporate Support Line) or send an e-mail to mtnbusiness@mtn.com.cy

Terms & Conditions
  1. The service is available for MTN Cyprus Ltd corporate clients only, who have more than 3 land lines and/or mobile lines. This service shall be valid from 15/4/2013.
  2. Corporate clients may select the members of the group which will be using this service. Unlimited calls apply only for calls between the group members.
  3. For the activation of the service, corporate clients shall pay monthly subscription for every line entering the group.
  4. Unlimited calls apply only for calls within Cyprus and between the group members. Regarding other call charges, sms charges, mobile internet charges, charges for special and premium numbers and roaming charges, all charges of the selected MTN fixed and/or MTN PayMonthly plans apply. For further information please visit our website at www.mtn.com.cy or contact our Call Center by dialing 136.
  5. The present terms and conditions apply supplementary to MTN Fixed and MTN PayMonthly terms and conditions.
  6. In order to avoid congestion in MTN’s network and to protect the quality of Services offered, MTN implemented a fair usage policy, applicable to all schemes of use, services and offers made by MTN unlimited use (and / or as regards all other cases in which this is necessary). Unlimited use is exclusively applicable to voice calls via MTN’s network. Such unlimited use is offered for private and personal use and / or benefit from such service and / or offer. In no case does the unlimited use allow activities aiming at making profit or reselling this service or using this service in an unfair or excessive way. In particular, if you use any Service excessively and / or aiming at making profit or reselling it and / or go beyond the limit of normal / allowed use, as the latter is determined by the commercial policy in force at that time regarding the scheme of use, service or offer in question, then MTN reserves the right to inform you that you are close to the limit set out and then, if such limit is surpassed, MTN reserves the right to apply further charges and / or register you under another scheme of use and / or interrupt the subscription and / or exclude you from the service / offer and / or from the company’s network, either provisionally or indefinitely, with no further notice. Furthermore, the use of unlimited communication time can only take place through a simple device. The use through PBX or any other line connected to a computer aiming at making a large number of voice, is not permitted. The unlimited use does not include calls abroad, calls to international networks, to few digit service numbers and calls. The unlimited use of communication time according to the service / offer in question is applicable per calendar month, regardless of the date of the invoice. As regards the period from the day that the schemes of use, which are compatible with the Fair usage policy, are activated until the end of the calendar month in which activation took place, respective limits of normal / allowed use of communication time are all calculated in a proportional way.
  7. MTN reserves the right to end the service and / or offer in question, to change the period during which the offer is valid and / or to amend the relative terms of this policy, with no further notice.